Historical background

  • In 1937, the specialized plant for the production of artillery weapons of the SKODA Plzen concern was established in Dubnica nad Váhom. The plant was built as semi-underground operations and was built step by step as a closed technological cycle of production starting from semi-products, mechanical machining and production of special tools up to tests of complete artillery systems.
  • In course of Second World War, the company was operating under the administration of Herman Goring Waffenwerke c.o. and besides weapons and ammunition the company produced also parts of marine torpedoes, aircraft engines and V2 missiles. In 1945, the company was almost completely destroyed after bombarding by allied air forces.
  • In the period of 1945 to 1948, the company was gradually renewed. The first products of these days covered bridge structures and cranes for a recovery of the country destroyed by war. Later, the production of excavators and machine tools was initiated.
  • The period after 1957 can be characterized as a time of huge development of civil production. A part of rolling mills production was moved from SKODA Plzen while the production of Diesel-electric and electric locomotives was withdrawn from CKD Prague.  In this period the company manufactured and delivered thousands of tons of surface finishing lines where the most of them are still in operation. Among the most important customers it could be found  countries like the Soviet Union, Poland,  Iran,  Egypt, Pakistan,  from local customers, it was the company  VSŽ Kosice. The Diesel-electric locomotives of T669 series are still in operation. The company took part also in the production of technological equipment for the 1st Czechoslovak Nuclear Power Plant - A1.
  • In 1970, the cooperation agreements were signed with the German company   SAUER-SUNDSTRAND for the production of axial hydrostatic transmissions which   became a basis of development & production road and constructional machines in Slovakia.  The production of hydraulic excavators made under the license of Poclain, France was moved to ZTS Dubnica nad Vahom from Martin.
  • The production of defense equipment remained the main production line. In course of its existence, the company produced, up-graded or repaired approx. 50 types of weapons amounting 50 thousand units.  Since 1987, there was a systematic drop of defense equipment production seen, especially by stopping deliveries for the biggest business partner from the past – the former Soviet Union, i.e. by finishing the production of tanks and combat vehicles
  • .ZTS-SPECIAL, a.s. operates in premises that have been put into operation already in 1937. Plant’s name changed several times, but the production of defence equipment remained the main production line during its existence. Since 1998 it‘s ZTS-SPECIAL, a.s and to its production belongs: Self propelled howitzer ZUZANA vs. 2000, turret DVK-30, barrels and guns from 30 up to 155 mm, spare parts for 73 mm 2A48 and 30 mm 2A42 guns, spare parts for  SpGH DANA, SpGH ZUZANA, repairs of military equipment, transfer of technologies, technical assistance and various trainings. Since 2003 there has been a significant increase in civil production with orientation on: production of components for wind-power plants and alternative energy sources, production of undercarriages and equipments for construction, forest machines, railway program components e.g. axles etc.